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Finding the perfect Yacht

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Do you love spending your holidays on board of a yacht, but never organized your own trip before? We are here to help! First of all you should take into account the build year, the size and the equipment of the yacht, and the budget you are aiming to spend. If you are looking for low budget, however high-quality sailing experience, you can choose among a vast variety of well-maintained sailing boats throughout the Ionian Sea. If you are looking for a new and luxury yacht, we offer numerous alternatives in monohulls, catamarans and motor-yachts, fully equipped, with additional equipment for an even more comfortable experience. For more details for any yacht you can also check each vessel’s description and equipment list, otherwise if you need more, you can send us an e-mail or even give us a call, and we will answer all your questions!

Sailing yacht by Ionian Catamarans


Sailing yachts offer the thrill of navigating the seas using the natural forces of the elements. However, apart from the involvement and activity they require they also give the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful cruise when no wind is blowing. Sailboats consume far less fuel so they are great for the earth conscious out there, since that makes them a greener and a more economic option. Looking for adventure, calmness and eco friendly holidays? We’ve got you covered!

Catamaran by Ionian Catamarans


If you prefer comfort, luxury and space in a single yacht, then a catamaran will meet all these needs. Wide decks, big cockpit and salon, comfortable cabins are some of the perks of renting a catamaran. Ideal for families with kids, but also for the ones that want relaxed and peaceful vacation. It can reach high speeds quickly and take you to your destination smoothly and safely.

Motor yacht by Ionian Catamarans


Motor yachts are powerful and fast vessels that can cover greater distances in less time. So, if you are hoping to explore a big area on your next holiday, then a motor yacht is the ideal vessel for you to choose. Also, their shallow draft offers the chance to navigate in almost any coastline and shallow waters, which means you can explore places that other types of yachts can’t. So, if you need a relaxing vacation with luxury and comfort, this type of boat is for you.

Do I need a Skipper

Apart from choosing the most suitable yacht, you will also need to decide whether you want a bareboat or a crewed charter. Even if you do not have the necessary sailing experience and qualifications, you can still enjoy the summer sailing experience by chartering a crewed yacht. While you can be relaxing under the sun, the skipper will be responsible for the sailing part, otherwise you can also take action along with him and live the sailing experience to the fullest.

Our experienced skippers will make sure you will have the perfect holiday tailored to your needs.

Let's plan your Trip!

1. In case our offer proposal is at your interest for your sailing holidays, please contact us. We will be glad to send you any additional information and hold an option on the yacht (without any obligation from you), for a period of 7 days pending your final conclusion for the booking.
2. With your confirmation (by option’s expire date), we, Ionian Catamarans, will confirm to you the final booking and duly signed charter contract will be mailed to you. The Charter party contract is approved by the relevant Ministry of Merchant Marine, protects your interests under Greek law and it is a legal requirement for all yacht charters in Greece.
3. Your reservation is secured when down payment is settled. You will be asked to return to us the Charter party signed together with a charter down payment, should be settled within 15 days.
4. The charter balance Payment should be settled 40 days before the charter embarkation.